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In order to ensure that Global Golf continue with our services of excellence we have decided to expand our services and make available 15 Agencies internationally.

Global Golf believe that golfers around the world shares the same passion for the game and we see everyone playing the game as our friends and possible clients. It is important for us to expand our services and make it available to all nations, races, irrespective your religion. We respect your passion for the game.

 Our International Agencies will be responsible to: 

1. Promote and market our services.

2. Create advertising campaigns

3. General Management

4. Training

5  Introducing the game        

6  Developing of the game

7  Expanding our services

8  Running developing programs

Our Directors and / or owners of our International Agencies will have complete control of the Agencies purchased.

On-going training will be provided to ensure good co-operation between the various agencies.

 The following agencies are currently available:

 Asia:        Japan 2   

                 China 2   

                 India 1   

                 United Arab Emirates  2

Europe:      UK 2   

                  Germany 2   

                  Belgium 1   

                  Spain 1

Should you require further information about our International Agencies, please do not hesitate in contacting our International Managing Director. He will assist you in any way possible and answer all your questions regarding these Agencies.

Contact Isaac Havenga at

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Last modified: 02/16/10